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Our Culture

We are Enspire and below is an insight into who we are to the core and the culture we are developing.  With every new team member our culture changes, and this is why we are upfront about our culture as it is important for you to understand what you can expect from us, and our expectations of you. 


We value people above everything else, as we realise through many years of experience, that excellence and continuous improvement is cultivated through a culture of candidness, trust, flexibility, inclusion and rewards.  


Our ethos is to Deliver Visions, the Visions of Our Clients and the Visions of our People. We strive to continuously develop our team to achieve excellence in all facets of their lives to enable Enspire to deliver exceptional services for our clients and communities.  

If this is you, then we are right for each other:

  • I need to be continuously challenged 

  • I am a team player who recognises that a win for the team is a win for me 

  • I am brave and readily admit I don't know it all and will ask for help 

  • I'll think for myself before asking for help 

  • I'm always striving to better myself 

  • I'm not afraid to speak openly about my mistakes as I recognise we all make them 

  • I am able to balance ambition with patience  


Principles vs. Process 

We strive to create a culture that balances principles with process. As an engineering consultancy, processes are fundamental to achieving sound technical outcomes.


Where we don’t need a process, and rather, can extend trust to our team to think for themselves, we apply an overarching principle:  

Do what is best for Enspire 

We believe a principled approach encourages free thinking, promotes personal growth, accountability, innovation, and enables the collective to be stronger. We haven't fully resolved this balance yet as there is a constant push and pull, however we are committed to the pursuit. 


Our Championship Team

While we are personally connected and genuinely care for each other and our families, we don't strive to be a family ourselves. Think of us as striving to be a high performing sports team. We realise a win for the team is a win for us as individuals, expanding our knowledge and providing us with enhanced opportunities. We work hard and smart for the people around us, providing immediate positive and constructive feedback. We are generous with our knowledge and strive to lift someone if they are experiencing a tough situation. Why this does sound like a family, the key difference is we have a focus on performance. In exchange for performance, you will be financially rewarded and provided with accelerated learning opportunities.




What is it you want for your life? How do you plan to get there? We'll ask you these questions. We are not about expecting you to sit at a desk and “engineer” month after month. Sure, you’ll need to do some of this to service our clients, however we want to know who you are, and who you want to be.  Perhaps we can facilitate your goals and ambitions in exchange for helping us achieve our goals and ambitions. Based on our own extensive research, we have developed career plans that are personalised to each of our team members. We are always improving them however at present they represent our best thinking.


Curious to join us? 

What is it you want? Are you interested in: 

·     Accelerating your growth and being prepped for new opportunities?

·     Having access to some of the industry's best?

·     Delivering interesting projects?


Then apply to Enspire Solutions. 

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